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Automobile Storage Check List

  • Drip Pan – place a drip pan under your car during storage
  • Fuel Stabilizer – add fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas right before you store your car. Drive it home from the gas station so that the fuel circulates through the fuel system.
  • Top off Brake Fluids – eliminate moisture from building up
  • Top off Trans Fluid
  • Top off Rear Differential Fluid
  • Change Oil and Filter – removes moisture or any contaminant that may be present
  • Disconnect Battery – some late model vehicles must remain powered
  • Battery Trickle Charge – attach battery to a trickle charge to keep it fully charged
  • Wash and Wax – remove dust and dirt before you store. This will eliminate the chance of picking up scratches especially if you use a car cover
  • Car Cover – make sure you use a breathable indoor car cover that won’t trap moisture under the cover
  • Clean your Interior – clean your interior and apply upholstery conditioner to avoid cracking while your car is stored in a dry environment
  • Remove your Trunk Mats – trunk mats will trap moisture between the mat and the metal trunk floor. Eventually this area will rust if it is not properly maintained
  • Lubricate Where Necessary – now is a good time to lubricate your door latches, hood latch or any part that requires lubrication
  • Weatherstrips – apply weatherstrip conditioner to your door seals/trunk seals. Check your owner’s manual to see what product your manufacturer recommends.
  • WD-40 Bare Metal – If you have any bare metal parts especially on a restored car, you should use WD-40 to prevent rust from forming. You can even apply WD-40 to your rake rotors as long as you remember to clean them off when you take the car out of storage
  • Moisture Bags – leave moisture absorbing bags in the interior of your car to absorb any moisture that might be present
  • Block Exhaust and Intake – placing a towel over the intake or stuffing rags in the tailpipes will keep small animals out of your motor and prevent moisture from getting in
  • Insurance – Insuring your vehicle while it is stored is a must
  • Cooling System – drain and fill your cooling system with non corrosive coolant